residential electric car charging station wallbox

Are you looking to buy or replace a vehicle charging station or charging box? Well, look no further! EV residential charging stations are your one-stop manufacturers for residential vehicle charging stations and vehicle charging boxes. We deal in safe and affordable type 1 (United States) plugs as well as level 1 and 2 chargers.

Vehicle charging stations are not a new thing. However, EV residential charging stations have undergone upgrades just to provide you with faster and more efficient car chargers. This is what makes our vehicle chargers and charging boxes unique. Imagine being able to charge your car with less than half the usual duration!


Our Level 2 chargers are the best and most powerful in the market. Currently, our products serve the majority of electric car owners in America and many more around the world.

Level 2 Chargers are an upgrade of what most manufacturers deliver when you purchase your vehicle. They are designed to use up to 240-volt power. The upgrades allow for faster charging and increased response. EV Level 2 residential charging stations are the best and most efficient in the market.


We are currently based in the United States of America which is the fastest growing market for electric vehicles and by extension vehicle charging stations. Moreover, our online presence gives us access to the global market and allowed customers access to our high-quality charging boxes, extension cables, and EV residential vehicle chargers.


Our charging stations come with a North America TYPE 1 SAE J1772 plug. It is not only compatible with most all-electric cars sold in the United States but also globally. However, you can always inquire with our team of professionals before making a purchase.


Even in our strife to efficient, vehicle charging stations and boxes, safety remains our top priority. Our products have been tried and tested for the realization of the best vehicle charging stations. EV residential charging stations are also fitted with mechanisms for a safe vehicle charging experience.


Our improved electric vehicle charging stations and boxes have fast charging capabilities and are very affordable. This increased efficiency significantly reduces the charging duration to just a few hours. The quality of our vehicle charging stations and boxes is value for money.

High-end charging stations such as the J1772 Type 1 Plug EV Charger 40A Electric Vehicle Charger Wall-mounted Wallbox Electric Car Charger go for $459 only. Additionally, EV residential charging stations have the best deals on charging boxes. Our charging boxes range from $459 to $899 with improved efficiency.


For as long as you use the car manufacturer’s vehicle charging station, daily inconvenience due to slow car charging will always be a menace. It is time to embrace Residential Charging Stations for improved convenience. Take advantage of our mind-blowing discounts on vehicle chargers and charging boxes from residential charging stations and be part of the fast charging revolution!

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